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Drum Kits

We have one of the largest selections of rental kits in the United States and can provide anything from a cocktail drum, to a cool little "be-bop" kit with an 18"kick, to a "heavy metal" kit with double 24" kick drums and a zillion toms! We stock a huge variety of drums, cymbals and hardware including the following brands:

* DW
* Yamaha
* Pearl
* Ludwig
* Gretsch
* Mapex
* Remo
* Zildjian
* Paiste
* Sabian

Vintage Drums

We also have a very large selection of vintage drum kits and snare drums. Highlights include:

* Authentic 1965 Ludwig "Ringo" Kit in Oyster Black Pearl

* Amber Vistalite "Bonham/Led Zepplin" Ludwig kit

* Dozens of other vintage kits by Ludwig, Slingerland, Gretsch, Leedy, Sonar and Trixon. For examples click HERE


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